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Faversham Classics Ltd


The Triumph Stag V8 engine's original valve seats are considered by many component manufacturers to be just about serviceable for use with unleaded petrol. However, it is our opinion that when the cylinder heads are removed for reconditioning, it is prudent to replace the borderline components with modern high quality parts.

Faversham Classics are currently fitting 'sintered high machinability Tungsten carbide residing in a matrix of tempered tool steel and special alloy iron particles'. This valve seat combines a good hardness with good machinability and shows good wear and heat resistance.

The valve seat was designed to be fitted to Turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines, therefore suitability for the Stag is ideal.

To complement these valve seats we are fitting by first choice genuine A.E. (the original manufacturer) valve guides which are 100% unleaded friendly or bronze guides which are slightly larger in their fitting diameter enabling a good fit into worn heads.

We feel that with new stainless steel valves and these guides and seats, unleaded fuel, high stress continental motoring problems are banished.

Seats machined to three angles.


High machineability)


 (high temperature resistance)

Petrol, Unleaded, Diesel

Propane. LPG. Natural gas.

Petrol, Unleaded,


Aluminium. Cast Iron

Aluminium. Cast Iron

Turbocharged engines, aspirated engines, lower to upper duty range

Heavy and extreme duty range, high performance engines, all gas engines (propane. LPG)

Triumph Stag cylinder head