We usually carry out full bodywork restorations to six Triumph Stags each year, should you visit, you will be sure to see one Stag resurrected from near death.

We have body jigs to turn your old friend upside down to make sure not rust can escape our attention, plasma cutters to remove corrosion with surgical precision.

Our welding is carried out to the highest standards by Kevin  who was trained by Ministry of Defence contractors.

In the past we have been asked to carry out a baremetal respray on the Triumph Stag shown opposite.  We uncovered a series of tack welds along the top edges of the rear wing, which had been overfilled and the hardtop was ploughing into the filler.

When we removed the tack welds, we discovered that the rest of the panel had been attached with.....BLACK MASTIC! (not very professional!!!)

Corrosion on the Triumph Stag

More and more cars coming in for servicing and MOT work  are suffering from the corrosion as shown opposite.

The position is behind the front shock absorbers at the base of the inner wings.  This is a joining point for 4 panels and needs some very careful reconstruction surgery.

Check yours out!

Corrosion in this area, if ignored can take a real hold and will require extensive new heavy gauge steel finished off with a heavy gauge capping section.

Chassis Corrison2
Chassis Corrosion2
Chassis Corrosion1
Chassis Corrosion

Floor Pan Replacement

Old work uncovered
This shown old repairs that have been done
More metal needed
More metal is needed for the repair
Floor pan cut away
Showing the floor pan cut away
Floor Pan repairs
Before the new pan is fitted, the structure must be in first class condition.
Outer sill removal
On this occasion the outer sill needed removal.
Sill structure
Sill structure taking shape
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More metal needed

More metal is needed for the repair