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As we only work on Triumph Stags you can be sure that we have the experience to recognise warning signs of imminent problems, which can usually be overcome by meticulous mechanical servicing. With this in mind, we can rectify a problem found before it becomes a major source of expense.


Servicing is usually carried out annually (subject to mileage). Manufacturers recommend an interval of 6000 miles maximum.

The current rate for a full service inclusive of all service parts is only
£350 Plus VAT  (£420.00 including VAT)


Why not combine the annual service with the MOT which we can undertake for you as well -
-Total Peace of Mind! -

Our full service schedule includes 110 points!

Every full service includes a comprehensive cleaning of the carburettor air intakes, balancing of air flows, resetting to manufacturers settings of fuel/air mixture and ignition timing.


Thatcham Vehicle Security Category II Security System


Immobilisation of your vehicle has never been so easy. Simply switch off the engine, lock the doors and walk away while the immobiliser takes care of the rest.


When returning to your vehicle, put the key into the ignition and start the vehicle - no buttons to be pushed, no jackplugs or touchkeys to be inserted, no secret numbers to be entered.


The secret to this engineering masterpiece lies with the small Texas Instruments Tiris transponder, sealed in a rugged housing and attached to the key-ring. An energy source in the form of a coil is fitted out of sight under the steering column, and this interrogates the transponder attached to your key ring. If the code is right, you may start the vehicle. If the code is wrong, or no transponder is attached to your key ring, the vehicle does not start and remains exactly where it is!

• Two circuit immobilisation

• Completely transparent operation

• Ten trillion possible code combinations

• No buttons to push, batteries to replace, or code to be entered

• Attack proof housing

• PIN number override facility

• Up to 8 transponders can be programmed

• Excellent deactivation range

• All black wire harness

This system is installed at our workshop by our trained technicians.

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