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Another of our services is the reconditioning and refurbishment of the Triumph Stag’s original suspension, steering and braking system.


The original designers did an excellent job when they created the Stag’s suspension, but using the latest suspension bush materials ie. Polyurethane, we can improve handling significantly, coupled with a few modifications which we discretely incorporate into the reconditioning process


We do not need to change suspension designs radically, we use Superrflex Polyurethane Bushes.


We use KYB Japanese Shock absorbers in the front and rear assemblies.

Whenever we recondition suspension components, powder coating and new fixings and fasteners are used throughout.


The finest quality components and, above all, care and expertise is used whilst assembling - as just putting components together is not good enough.

Ask any D.I.Y. Owner who has tried to assemble the top steering mounting on the front suspension struts.

Call us and ask about prices for complete suspension overhauls

Rear Suspension.jpg
Front Suspension.jpg

Rear Suspension

Front Suspension

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